Permaculture Design Service

Would you like to be able to grow at least some of your own food?

Permaculture can be your solution!

Permaculture is also known as sustainable agriculture, it’s the practice of doing gardening or farming using intelligent design.

The following video shows several examples of Permaculture principles in action:

Permaculture Design By E-mail
The prices on these range starting at $50.00 and up, the pricing depends on the size of your property or space. A $50.00 design would cover a space size of up to 4,000 square feet (370 square meters) or an approximate area size of 80′ x 50′ (24m x 15m).

You can have a design in as little as a 25 square foot space. E-mail designs will contain plant lists and information which are specific to Florida. However some of the plant varieties will do well along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and as far north as USDA Zone 7. The designs can be sent in a PDF or JPEG format.

We accept PayPal or Bitcoin, please e-mail us for more information at

Permaculture Design By Site Visit
If you live in the Hernando or Pasco counties we can come out to your home and walk your property to custom make a design for your site. Permaculture designs of this type are $250.00 and up. E-mail us for more information at

2016 Sample Design - jpeg

Sample Permaculture Design

The above picture is a sample backyard design for a small home. References to plants, trees, shrubs and sizes have been removed from the drawing.

The e-mail and site visit designs will include a plant/tree list and may include a resource list depending on the area your site is in.